ClearView started out in the early 2000’s providing security doors to residential owners with a small crew of just 4 people. Over the years the company has expanded to accommodate the growing need for quality aluminium products for the construction industry, gaining invaluable experience along the way doing work for some of the largest building companies in the country. We have recently moved to a larger premises and as such, are expanding our operations once again by returning to our roots and offering our services to the people that helped make this company, residential customers.
To provide you with top quality, custom made aluminium products that suit your needs and fulfil your wishes. We do this by using only quality materials, workmanship and finishes and applying our wealth of experience to the project at hand. We will take the time to make sure you are getting what you want whilst working within any limitations that the site, materials or design restrictions put upon us. We like to leave our clients happy and with a long lasting, top notch product.